Learn Metabolic Cooking with this Free Cookbook and Quick Start Guide


I'm Meg, I created Simple Green Moms as a resource for sharing healthy recipes, cooking tips, and lifestyle advice with other families.  I would like to introduce you to a new healthy style of cooking called Metabolic Cooking. The best way to learn more about it is to try it out with this free recipe guide!

Metabolic Cooking benefits include:

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    Metabolic cooking is a unique way of preparing food that combines nutrients specifically geared for melting off body fat FASTER than normal.  
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    Consuming high quality protein with most meals will naturally burn off calories.  However, combining certain foods together will help you burn off more fat than either food by itself.
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    Metabolic cooking is easier than you think and the recipes taste great!  Try it out for yourself with this free Metabolic recipe cookbook. 
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